Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Do you really want a change?

I have heard from many members and nonmembers alike that they would like to see a change on the School Board, in the State Legislature, and that they are looking forward to a change in Superintendent. Now is the time to act to help that change happen. We must actively support School Board and State Legislative candidates who will be friendly to education in general and to teachers specifically. We must provide input to the current School Board on what qualifications, characteristics, focus, and compensation we would like the new Superintendent to have.

JEA sponsored a walk for three candidates on Saturday. We had a total of six people show up. There were 15 people at the meeting on for input on the new superintendent last night. If you don’t act now, we will have the same problems at the legislative level for two more years and for four years at the local school board level. If you don’t attend a meeting or complete the survey about the new superintendent, we could have a new educational leader whom you do not like.

The next JEA Walk for Candidates is scheduled for Saturday, October 23 in the morning. Put that date on your calendar now. If you cannot come that day, candidates are out campaigning every Saturday. You can contact them directly, or contact us and we will let the campaign know of your desire to help.

JEA Recommended Candidates:
  • Nathan Gedge in School Board Precinct 3 (Peggy Jo Kennett's seat) Nathan's website
  • John Rendell (D) in Legislative House Seat 47 (West Jordan area that used to be Steve Mascaro's seat) John's website
  • Chad Reyes (unaffiliated) in Legislative House Seat 52 (Herriman, Carl Wimmer's seat) Chad's website
  • Gary Olsen (D) in Legislative House Seat 50 (South Jordan, Merlynn Newbold's seat) Gary's website
  • Dave Hogue (D) in Legislative Senate Seat 11 (Riverton/Draper, Howard Stephenson's seat) Dave's website
  • Jim Bird (R) in Legislative House Seat 42 (West Jordan, incumbent) Jim's website
Make sure you have your voice heard on the new superintendent. Attend one of the upcoming meetings listed  here or submit your suggestions through the online survey by Friday, October 8.

If every member does one thing they have not done before, we can make a huge difference.

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