Monday, September 13, 2010

Education Jobs Fund Program

Because the Governor has made application for the funds and because of the bill’s language, UEA feels the money should flow directly to the local school districts without delay.

From the UEA level, we are taking the following steps:
· Contacting the Governor’s office to express our concern with expediting the distribution of the monies
· Contacting the State School Boards’ Association and the PTA to engage their organizations in this effort
· Engaging our members in a letter writing campaign utilizing the following link at this website in order to e-mail their legislative representatives
· Engaging members in contacting their local school board members, School Community Councils, and PTA asking them to join us in our efforts to request immediate allocation of the Ed Job monies to the local school districts in order to positively impact the students in Utah
· Participating in NEA Jobs Bill conference calls to obtain up-to-date information and strategies

Please use the link above to e-mail your state legislators and ask them to distribute the Education Jobs Funds in a timely manner.

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