Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Member Appreciation Barbeque

The JEA Member Appreciation Barbeque was yesterday evening at Wheeler Farm.  We had a great turnout from the combined Jordan, Canyons, and Granite Education Associations and Classified Associations.  It was good to catch up with old friends and meet new ones, including recommended candidates.


  1. Nobody seems to comment on this blog. I just wanted to thank you for the updates and for all you do.

  2. I would have attended, but didn't even hear about this! I guess it is because I'm off-track and out of the loop?

  3. Kara,

    I'm sorry you didn't hear about the barbeque. The ARs had a poster to hang up, it has been on the JEA calendar, and I sent out an email about it. I would encourage everyone to check their school email periodically when they are off track.

  4. Ty,

    I appreciate the thanks. I am hoping everyone is staying as informed as they wish to be.