Friday, September 3, 2010

Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings

Today is a much calmer day.  I am catching up, because I didn't have time to answer e-mails yesterday, let alone post to the blog.  Here is how Thursday looked.

7:00 a.m. - Attended Jordan Education Foundation Meeting.  The Foundation raises money to give grants to individual teachers and scholarships to students.  They are considering whole school projects as well.  A JEF representative should be contacting principals to ask about wants.  Here is a link to the  JEF Mini Grant Application.
Superintendent Newbold said the new elementary in West Jordan will open next August.  He stated that local principals should work with their PTA and SCC to decide on if/when to broadcast President Obama's speech to school children, scheduled for September 14.  An opt-out form must be provided.

Arrived at the JEA office and started to answer e-mail when Cindy Carroll and I went to meet with UEA leaders about the hearing process.  We met with UEA President, Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh, UEA Executive Director, Mark Mickelsen, UEA Director of Policy & Research, Jay Blain, and UEA Attorney, Mike McCoy.  UEA has been involved in knowing what has happened with our negotiations process and is helping us through the hearing, because no other school district has done this before.  In addition, Sharon contacted NEA for us to see about financial assistance to pay the hearing officer fees.  NEA has agreed to match state and local funds.    All levels of the Association have been involved.

11:15 a.m. - The Hearing Officer, Ralph Haws, called and wanted to meet immediately.  Cindy and I headed to Riverton High School where our Negotiations Chairperson, Melissa Brown teaches.  Luckily, we met on her prep hour to discuss a modified proposed settlement.  Worked to contact all Negotiations Team members throughout the afternoon.

1:45 - Back to the office for a monthly meeting with both UniServ Directors and CEA President, Tony Romanello.

3:30 - Out to South Jordan Elementary for a school visit.  The teachers there asked good questions, and it was great to meet them.

4:30 - Now to West Jordan High where we held the JEA PAC meeting to discuss candidate recommendations and PAC support.  The JEA PAC is recommending:
  • Nathan Gedge in School Board Precinct 7 (Peggy Jo Kennett's seat) Nathan's website
  • John Rendell (D) in Legislative House Seat 47 (West Jordan area that used to be Steve Mascaro's seat) John's website
  • Chad Reyes (unaffiliated) in Legislative House Seat 52 (Herriman, Carl Wimmer's seat) Chad's website
  • Gary Olsen (D) in Legislative House Seat 50 (South Jordan, Merlynn Newbold's seat) Gary's website
  • Dave Hogue (D) in Legislative Senate Seat 11 (Riverton/Draper, Howard Stephenson's seat) Dave's website
  • Jim Bird (R) in Legislative House Seat 42 (West Jordan, incumbent) Jim's website
Two walk for candidates are scheduled for Saturdays, September 18 and October 23 in the mornings.  More information on exact times and places will be forth coming.

8:00 p.m. - The Negotiations Team felt the Executive Board needed to know about the latest proposed settlement, but due to personal schedules, we could not meet in person.  We were able to have two Executive Board members present, with one on speaker phone.  Others were contacted by phone individually, but all Executive Board members were able to hear the proposal, ask questions, and express concerns.

I finally arrived home about 9:30 p.m.  It was a long day, a tiring day, but also an exciting day!  The work of the Association is important, and I am enjoying it immensely, even though at times, it can be difficult.

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