Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Interim Superintendent

I received the following information from the District today.

"With the retirement of Superintendent Barry L. Newbold, the Board of Education has made the decision to name David Stoddard as Interim Superintendent of Schools for Jordan School District. As part of this re-assignment, the Board has approved some temporary modifications of assignments to provide coverage of necessary District administrative functions.

"These assignments will be temporary and will continue until such time as a new Superintendent of Schools is chosen by the Board of Education. Once a new Superintendent has been chosen, employees will return to their previous administrative job duties.

"Effective Jan. 1, 2011 John Taylor, currently Administrator of Auxiliary Services, will assume responsibility over the Riverton and Herriman schools and temporarily move to the District offices at 7387 S. Campus View Dr. In addition, he will assume the responsibility of the high school level.

"During John Taylor’s time at the District offices, Scott Thomas will have responsibility as Administrator of Auxiliary Services, with the support of John Taylor as necessary. He will remain at the Auxiliary Services building located at 7905 S. Redwood Road.

"All other cabinet members will retain their current assignments and will be providing assistance and support to Mr. Taylor and Mr. Thomas during the interim."

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