Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meeting with Superintendent Newbold

I had a good meeting with Superintendent Newbold this morning.  We discussed Literacy Coaches, Guided Reading Levels, Math benchmarks, high school parent teacher conferences, District curriculum specialists, Herriman fire make-up day, and legislative priorities. 

I will be following up on the curriculum and parent teacher conference issues.  The grants funding District curriculum specialists will are for the next two to three years.  The District hopes to phase those positions in a few a year to permanent funding. 

I have received a few e-mails about the Herriman fire make-up day scheduled for Presidents' Day in February.  Superintendent Newbold stated that teachers are correct that the day will not be productive instructionally.  If the day is not made up, the District is out of compliance with the 180-day state law and will lose state funding.  Another issue if the day is not made up is Herriman area teachers receiving pay for not teaching.  The teachers in the other 45 schools would see an inequity in pay.  I hate to deliver the news, but these are the reasons Herriman schools will be in session on Presidents' Day.

The School Board met with Merlynn Newbold, Jim Bird, Ken Ivory, Wayne Harper, and Howard Stephenson's representative, Corbin White.  They discussed the Utah School Board Association's Legislative Priorities and the Jordan School Board's Legislative Priorities.  They are similar but in a different rank order. 

Jordan School District Legislative Priorities, December 2010:
  1. No reductions to the 2010-11 state funding levels to public education for the 2011-12 fiscal year.
  2. Fund new student growth.
  3. Maintain county-wide capital outlay equalization funding.
  4. Support efforts that strengthen local control and flexibility for local boards of education.
  5. Support direct non-partisan elections for state and local school boards.
  6. Reauthorize funding for full-day kindergarten.
  7. Provide long-term equalization of funding for school districts.
  8. Fully fund state-mandated student transportation.
  9. Oppose laws that would enact new education requirements until current requirements are fully funded.
  10. Restore the Quality Teaching Block Grant, or provide funds for teacher professional development.
  11. Maintain current bond election requirements.


  1. I'm confused. Does Corbin White work for Howard Stephensen as his representative or that Corbin White is new on the board?

  2. It is Corbin White who was elected to the School Board; however, at this particular meeting, Corbin was there representing Howard Stephenson who was unable to attend.