Thursday, December 2, 2010

Special Education Task Force Meeting

Yesterday afternoon I attended the special Education Task Force.  It is interesting to hear about the unique problems facing Special Education.  They lost money due to the split and the economy and had to cut aide help back, which is impacting nearly all Special Ed. classrooms.  They are also struggling to inservice teachers on policies and procedures that must be followed.  The Special Education budget is separate from the District's Maintenance and Operations budget.  All costs for salaries, benefits, aides, substitutes, etc. come out of their budget and not subsidized by the District budget.

The laws that govern Special Ed. are tight with repercussions if not in compliance.  Special Ed. teachers should contact Beth Usui at the District if a parent requests an Independent Education Evaluation or Revocation of Services, so all proper paperwork and notifications are completed.  This paperwork must be done correctly to show the District offered a Free Appropriate Public Education, FAPE, to the Special Education students, and why parents did not accept.

All schools should be using the tiered intervention system.  Before students are referred through TAT to Resource, Tier 2 interventions should be utilized within the classroom.  See the Resource Team at your school if you would like more information.

JEA Members serving on this committee include Deb Dolph at Jordan Resource Center, Barbara Wightman at West Jordan High, Jenny Pedler at Heartland, Renee Sass at Oquirrh Hills, and Christie Jarrard at Eastlake.  Contact them with Special Education issues you would like addressed through the Task Force.

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