Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lots of Meetings

Last night was the Executive Board Meeting.  We approved committee assignments and the budget, which will be presented for approval by ARs at the Legislative Council meeting next week.

Today was a Sick Bank Committee meeting.  If you need to use Sick Bank, Critical Family Illness, or Adoption Leave, read the policy carefully.  Sick Leave Policy  Ask for clarification through Human Resources if needed.

District Advisory Committee was this afternoon.  Issues discussed were time for PLCs at the elementary level (work with your principal and be creative), salary items from negotiations, Herriman Fire make-up day for C track will be on Presidents' Day in the middle of their off track time (plan for it now), secondary Teacher Salary Supplemental Program application at, classroom temperature either too hot or too cold (talk with your custodian and principal first, then Auxillary Services), license renewal finger prints can start now if your license expires in June 2011, food policy that you can purchase food for students but not for employees, and legislative supply money starting at $50 now and the remainder will come in December.  More details later.

I forgot about the Special Education Task Force that met in between the other two meetings.  I will be finding out what was discussed there. 

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