Thursday, October 14, 2010

UEA Convention Day 1

The opening session of the UEA Convention had UEA President Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh speak followed by Salt Lake Tribune columnist Robert Kirby and musician Kurt Bestor.  Music was provided by the Crescent View Middle School Choir under the direction of CEA VP Rick Steadman.  The speakers talked about making a difference in the lives of those students who are "borderline" as Kirby stated or are very "colorful" as Bestor said. 

I walked through the exhibit hall and stopped at many of the booths.  I ran into a lot of old friends who are teaching around the District or in Canyons District.  It is always good to catch up with them.

I attended the political portion of the convention.  I listened to both gubernatorial candidates speak.  Governor Gary Herbert talked about how he and previous governor Jon Huntsman had been able to increase education funding over the last four years.  He stated that he went against the legislature to "hold the line" on education funding and "absorb the growth".  Go to Gary Herbert to see his views on education.

Mayor Peter Corroon talked about having a 10-year plan for education.  He also talked about his 6 R's:  Renew commitment to education. Raise standards. Rigor in math and science. Rethink accountability. Return local control. Responsible school funding.  He went into detail on each of these items.  Go to Vote Corroon for his 36-page plan for education in Utah.

I know that UEA has made a dual recommendation in this race and that Governor Herbert seems to be using that recommendation more openly than Mayor Corroon.  As JEA President, I have to be cautious about how I say things.  This is my PERSONAL opinion after hearing and meeting the candidates today.  I will  be supporting Peter Corroon.  He is more intelligent, articulate, and personable.  He actually has a plan for education.  These are the reasons he will receive my vote.  I AM NOT speaking for JEA or UEA, just for myself.

I hosted the "Signing in Schools" workshop this afternoon.  It was about how to use basic ASL signs to maintain discipline, teach concepts, and assess knowledge.  The class was well done.

Michelle Willden, theater teacher at Bingham, receive the Excellence in Education award along with nine other teachers from across the state.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. I agree with you Jennifer.
    UEA was great today! I really enjoyed the opening session listening to Robert Kirby and his truths about being a student and those teachers that cared. Kurt Bestor played the piano for us and that was wonderful! He also shared about his unique experiences as a student. His first teacher, his mother, taught him the love of learning. I attended the workshop with Sandy Petersen called,"Worn Out, Burned Out and Ready to Quit! She recently served as assistant superintendent in the Davis School District and I enjoyed her life lessons with us. She started out by sharing that if we had only a few months to live, what would we list as important. She said we all need to live with less stress and to prioritize those areas that are most important and let the other worries GO. She was fun as she shared her life experiences and advise with us and her daughter,Katie Kimmel a licensed therapist, explained many stress related disorders. I believe for me, this was one of the best UEA conventions I've attended. Thank you UEA/JEA.