Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Superintendent Timeline Modified

I attended the open portion of the School Board Study Session this evening.  The topic of discussion was the qualifications, application, timeline, and process for hiring a new superintendent.  After much discussion, which you can loosely follow at JEA on Facebook (I posted rough translations and summaries of what was said), the Board decided the December 14 date was too soon.  They also discussed how qualified candidates would likely be employed and under contract through the current school year.

In order to give time for applicants to provide all the documentation being requested, and to attract many qualified applicants, the job description brochure and application will be distributed through the Utah School Boards Association on October 26.  There will also be a link on the District website.  Applications will be due December 6.  An interim superintendent will be appointed on December 14.  The new superintendent would start on or before July 1, 2011.  See Salt Lake Tribune article on the subject.

From the conversation, I gathered that the Board wants to see who applies, then appoint someone from within, who does not apply to be the new superintendent, to be the interim superintendent.

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