Thursday, October 28, 2010

Salary Schedule Issues

The retro pay from August (for year-round) and September (for year-round and traditional) was included in your October paycheck.  If you received a step and/or lane, the one or two months of increase was added in October.  In addition, the increase from the 9 hours of professional development was included.  Please be aware that your November paycheck will be less than your October paycheck, because it will have only your regular monthly pay.

Another issue has come up.  The pay for the 9 hours of professional development that was negotiated to be added to your base salary was figured incorrectly by the District by around $30 for the year.  Cindy Carroll and I met with Burke Jolley, Superintendent Newbold, June LeMaster, Judy Burton, and Bret Birge today.  They have agreed to fix the salary schedule and make the pay adjustment.  This is a time intensive process.  At some point, you will recieve the retro pay for the approximately $30 for the year.  We were not given a time on when that would happen, only that it would be before the end of the school year.

Negotiating for the 9 hours of professional development to be added to the salary schedule was to treat teachers as the professionals they are.  Teachers would do the work of preparing grades, grade transmittal, and track changes by the deadlines without teachers having to log their time on a timesheet.  The first of those days for traditional schools is Monday, November 1.  If you have completed your grades prior to Monday, you do not need to go in to school for the three hours. 

Track changes are different.  If you are rotating rooms, that work can only be done on the track-change day; however, if you are one of the fortunate year-round teachers who does not have to move rooms, you can do your planning for three hours at any time when you are off track.  Then you would not be required to be at school on the track-change day.

Please send additional questions on these issues to me via e-mail.

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