Monday, October 11, 2010

Volunteer for Chad Reyes

Chad is running as an independent candidate for House of Representatives in Riverton/Herriman against Carl Wimmer.  If you would like to help Chad defeat Carl, volunteer to help on your own schedule.

The following message is from Chad.

"Thanks to everyone's hard work thus far, we've covered a lot of ground; but we still have several precincts left that need our attention. In order to reach out and touch as many voters as possible before November, we've come up with the following plan for volunteers:

"If you're interested, several target-area maps, yard signs, door hangers and names of voters with strong voting histories in those particular areas are available to be picked up at your leisure. Once you're assigned an area, it's up to you to deliver this literature and attempt contact with the voters listed whenever you can, rather than having a set date and time for a group of volunteers.

"We realized most people cannot commit to donating several hours on one particular Saturday, so hopefully this new idea will be more accommodating for all of you whose help is so greatly needed, and so greatly appreciated.

"The remaining areas have been divided into lots with between approximately 80 and 120 homes, with hopes that each volunteer will be able to complete them by Election Day. Our response from the voters we've had the pleasure of contacting so far has been extremely positive, and it seems we've finally picked up some great momentum.

"If you're available to assist with this drive, please contact me directly; either by email, or by phone at (801) 592-3612. All of the packets (maps, scripts, signs and door hangers) are assembled and ready to be picked up whenever you're available.

"Again, thanks again for all your time, energy and support so far; and I'm looking forward to representing all of our best interests next legislative session!


Chad Reyes
Candidate, Utah State Legislative Representative
District 52"


  1. I for one will be voting for Chad. I have been out walking for him and it has been well worth my time. I have visited with Chad and his family and my neigherhood is so happy to have a MUCH MORE respectable choice that will truly represent us. Herriman is growing so much and we need a reasonable voice for us as our legislative seat.

  2. Glenda,

    Thanks for your efforts and endorsement of Chad. I hope others will be joining you!