Saturday, February 5, 2011

January Council of Local Presidents

The Council of Local Presidents met this morning.  Most of the meeting was focused on the legislature.  The Joint Public Education Appropriations Committee has proposed a base budget that is 11% or about $93 million less than funding this year.  The committee then wants each line item to present why it should be reinstated.  Cutting the "below the line" flexible allocation that was intended to be used by districts to fund retirement and social security is, in essence, about a $300 decrease in the WPU.

Visit UEA Under the Dome and see what has happened this week.  From that page you can also find the Legislative Tracking Sheet of bills UEA is following, the official position on each bill, and the bills' current status.

Reminder that Great Public Schools grant applications are due by Friday.  See for more information.

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