Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Meeting with Interim Superintendent

I met this morning with Dave Stoddard, Interim Superintendent.  We discussed what is happening at the Capitol.  We have both noticed that the tenor of the legislature is anti-association.  We need you as classroom teachers to call, write, or e-mail your legislators and tell your story.  Tell them what you are doing without because of budget cuts.  Tell them what additional funding would help you do in your classroom.  You can go to and type in your address.  Both your Senator and Representative will show.  Just click on the person to see their contact information.  Personal contact with active teachers is going to be what influences the members of the legislature this year.

Dave and I talked a little bit about the superintendent search.  He said that Mr. Richard Stowell of the Utah School Boards Association has helped in 150 superintendent searches across the state over the years.  The committee is working to be very transparent.  If you want more information, talk to one of the committee members.  See Superintendent Search Committee.

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