Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Legislative Council (AR Meeting)

We had a good meeting this evening.  Everyone in attendance wrote a postcard to one of their legislators.  Your AR will be asking at least one other person in the building to write a postcard too.  The postcards are pre-addressed and paid for.  All you do is add the name of your legislator, your return addres, and your message about public education.  Please take the time to do this if you are asked.  We need our stories to be heard on the hill.  Tell your legislators how cuts will hurt your classroom.  Tell how cuts this year already have hurt.

The AR's moved to recommend Robin Frodge as NEA State Director in the current UEA primary election.  You will receive your voting card from your AR.  Please vote!  This is a statewide election, and we are supporting Robin.  Go to to vote today.

Candidates for JEA High School Representative on the Executive Board include Debbie Brown, Bingham and Jack Duffy, West Jordan High.  Lauren Flygare is the candidate for Middle School Representative on the Executive Board.  JEA elections will begin mid-March.

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