Thursday, February 24, 2011

Special Education Task Force

The Special Education Task Force met yesterday afternoon.  There was a presentation by Maggie Cummings with input from Beth Usui on how Special Education fits with the new Common Core State Standards for Math in particular.  Three different models for implementations were discussed.  There are concerns with how to serve students qualifying for Special Education with IEP Goals in the new courses and class sequence, mainly starting in middle school.  The idea is that all students have exposure to the Common Core, which is less about computation and more about reasoning and proof.  These issues will continue to be discussed and worked through as implementation of the Common Core begins.

Special Education held their first online training.  Those who can be involved receive the HOT Sheets.  More information on additional online training and training through PLC will be announced there.

Special Education had to cut $6.5 million from their budget last year.  The budget is still tenuous.  It will take many years to generate the level of funding had in the past prior to the split and the economic recession.

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