Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day Five at Legislature

This morning was the House Education Committee where HB 183 - Association Leave was discussed.  There are three districts, Granite, Salt Lake, and Davis, where part of the association presidents' salary is paid for by the district.  The bill states that districts can allow up to 10 days of paid (by the district) leave, but any days beyond that, the salary and benefits costs for each day must be reimbursed to the district by the association.  This does not impact JEA, because your dues dollars completely fund my part-time salary. 

UEA Government Relations Director Kory Holdaway and Davis Education Association President Susan Firmage testified that the work done by local presidents benefits school districts and whether the district helps pay for a release-time president should be left to local school districts.

Gayle Ruzicka of the Eagle Forum and Royce VanTassell of the Utah Taxpayers Association spoke in favor of the bill.  The bill passed out of committee by a 10-3 vote.  It will now be heard in the House.

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