Thursday, August 18, 2011

AR Training 2011

Last evening we had a great AR Training that was well attended.  We started by watching the NEA "Standing Strong" video while eating dinner and catching up with one another.  I was so pleased to see a lot of new AR's.  It is great to have more members becoming involved in the association.  Karen Brown, Bluffdale, won the On Time Drawing!

Jane Martain from the District came to talk about the new JPAS Interim Evaluation.  From the JPAS website, you will log in to complete the JPAS Interim Evaluation forms of reflection, planning, goal setting, and professional development. You may want to use your most recent JPAS Feedback Report to help you in reflecting and planning. Look through your own files to see if you can find it. If not and you are at the same school, the principal should have one in your local school file. If you have moved schools, you can contact JoAnne Yingling at for a copy.  The forms are interactive, so you simply type in the boxes and save to your computer.  These will be due to your principal or supervisor by October 1.  Your principal should give you the log in information.

Throughout the year, your principal will likely do short visits to your class.  At the end of the year, you will review the forms with your principal or supervisor.  You will only complete the JPAS Interim Evaluation on years you do not have a JPAS Observation and Interview Evaluation.  If you have questions on the JPAS Interim Evaluation or your principal is requiring more than is described here, please contact JEA.

Laura and Cindy led a brainstorming session about moving dues payment from payroll deduction to EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) from a checking account.  There were more benefits than road blocks brought up.  Some of those benefits are being proactive, pre-emptive strike against Senator Howard Stephenson, and the District won't know how many members we have.  Watch for more information on this transition to come later this year.

Melissa Brown, JEA Negotiations Team Chairperson, along with members Janeen McMillan and Kara Goodwin gave a negotiations update.  She addressed the entire process, the communication problems between the District Negotiations Team and the School Board, our proposals to the District and the District's proposals to us, and the bottom line.  There will be no steps, lanes, or COLAS this year.  There had to be some changes to policy based on changes in the law, and JEA is fighting to maintain your rights to due process through the Reduction in Staff, Reduction in Force, and Orderly Termination policies.  She also talked about how important it is for us to keep talking to the District, even if the process is slow and time consuming.  Ogden Education Association and the Ogden School Board quit talking to one another, and that gave the Ogden School Board the opportunity to not negotiate this year.  We didn't want an Ogden situation in Jordan, so we have to work at building a relationship with the School Board. 

The District is presenting our changes to the RIS/RIF and Orderly Termination policies to the School Board at the study session on August 23.  We should hear back from them shortly after that.  A JEA General Membership Meeting will be held as soon as we have a tentative agreement.

Thanks to all of the AR's who attended the meeting last night.  Congratulations to Dorrelyn Young, Terra Linda, who won the Stay To The End Drawing!

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