Thursday, August 25, 2011

English, Language Arts, Literacy Common Core Assessments Review

The following is from Judy Park, Assistant Superintendent at the Utah State Office of Education.  If you teach English, Language Arts, or Literacy, please provide input on the assessments by following the directions on the link included by Monday, August 29.

"The SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) has released the English language arts/literacy (ELA/literacy) content specifications. The contents of this document describe the extent of the consortium’s current development to specify critically important claims about student learning that are derived from the Common Core State Standards. When finalized, these claims will serve as the basis for the Consortium’s system of summative and interim assessments and its formative assessment support for teachers.

"Open and transparent decision-making is one of the Consortium’s central principles. This draft of the English language arts/Literacy content specifications is being made available for comment consistent with that principle, and all responses to this work will be considered as it continues to be refined. In addition to an official state response that is being prepared, we strongly encourage you to provide your individual/group survey response through the link below. Your input is essential to ensure that Utah’s voice is considered in the final product.

"SMARTER Balanced will provide two rounds of review for the ELA/literacy and math content specifications (the math specifications will be released later this month). The first ELA/literacy draft is now available for review through August 29th (11:59 p.m. Pacific time). Instructions on how to provide feedback through online surveys for both individual reviewers and groups are included with the materials posted at:
SMARTER Balanced Consortium.  In addition to the draft ELA/literacy content specifications, the link above includes press materials and a recorded webinar on evidence-based design."


  1. I was informed by a certain administrator in Jordan District that in a closed meeting the board tried unsuccessfully (by 1 vote) to exclude JEA from the negotiations process. I'm currious why you haven't told us of this and why there has been no response.

    John McNeill

  2. I was not aware of this vote. The conversations I have had with Board President Rick Bojak is that the Board would like to move to Interest Based Bargaining. This is also what Superintendent Johnson has said. Contact me privately if you would like to share more of what you know.