Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Teacher Induction

The last two mornings were New Teacher Induction for traditional scheduled schools.  Total, we have 25 new members!  Two other unions/associations were there:  AFT (American Federation of Teachers), and AAE (American Association of Educators).  The people with AAE were a bit pushy, so you may have new teachers with questions. 

AAE promotes $15 dues and $2 million in liability protection.  New teachers may ask why they should join JEA if the dues are $50 with $2 million in liability protection.  There is obviously more.  JEA has a teacher representative in every building, a half-time president, and two local UniServ directors to assist with questions or problems.  AAE does not have local support.  JEA has immediate access to the UEA attorney.  With AAE, you hire your own attorney, then AAE will reimburse the expenses later.  JEA has representation on every District committee along with relationships with District Administration and School Board members.

If you come across a question you cannot answer, call the JEA office at 801-262-2449 ext. 2, and we will help you delineate the additional benefits of membership in JEA.

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