Wednesday, August 3, 2011

School Board Study Session

Superintendent Johnson has held focus groups with various employee groups over the past several weeks.  She had them brainstorm in four areas:  Jordan District’s current situation, the District’s ideal situation, barriers to the ideal situation, and solutions to those barriers.   Then each group ranked their top three priorities within the list of solutions.  At the School Board Study Session last night, she summarized the priorities.  Public relations, communication, and professional development seem to be the top three overall.
Support staff priorities: 
  1. public relations
  2. money to students and employees
  3. one-on-one conversations
Teacher priorities:
  1. educate legislators and parents and public relations
  2. higher expectations (JPAS too easy)
  3. communication
Middle school principals:
  1. improve communication
  2. public trust
  3. high expectations
  1. improve public relations
  2. build trust and networks
  3. open communication within District
High school principals:
  1. professional development opportunitites
  2. collaboration
  3. use time differently
Traditional elementary principals:
  1. professional development
  2. build trust and relationships
  3. restructure and prioritize budget
Year round principals:
  1. PLC at all levels
  2. tell story
  3. communication to stakeholders
  1. focus on achievable goals
  2. common priorities
  3. spread the word
School Board:
  1. professional development
  2. change policy governance
  3. more money through lobbying legislature, communicate our story.

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