Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jordan Education Foundation Awards Dinner

I love attending this event!  8 of the 11 Outstanding Educator and Special Educator Awards went to JEA Members.  In addition, Craig Peterson, Jordan Hills, was given the Lifetime Achievement Award.  It is best to tell this story in pictures.  Sorry there are a couple that are blurry.

 Craig Peterson, Jordan Hills, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

 Eileen Jensen, Kauri Sue Hamilton School, Special Educator Award with principal Rita Boullion

Jim Bernini, West Jordan High, Outstanding Educator Award

Kathy Bekkemellom, South Hills, Outstanding Educator Award

Kerry Simi, Eastlake, Outstanding Educator Award

Laura Packard, Elk Meadows, Outstanding Educator Award with principal Howard Griffith

Marla Deakins, Falcon Ridge, Special Educator Award

Melanie Fisher, Bluffdale, Outstanding Educator Award (sorry you are blurry)

Renee Sass, Oquirrh Hills, Special Educator Award
Laura Packard, Sandy King, Howard Griffith from Elk Meadows

Susan Tolman, Annette Huff from Jordan Hills and LeAnne Heagren, West Jordan Elementary
Brother and sister, Craig Peterson and LeAnne Heagren

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