Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lunch with Local Presidents and UniServ Directors

Our monthly local presidents' lunch included UniServ Directors today.  It is good to meet and discuss what is happening in other districts.  Due to HB183, the Granite EA president position will now be half-time release and the Davis EA will be paying the entire salary and benefits of their president.  Previously the district had paid for half.  In Weber, the district will reimburse WEA for time the president spends doing work that benefits the district.

Weber has settled for steps, lanes, and 3% COLA.  The teachers are paying the entire insurance premium increase of about 22%.  Granite teachers will be paying 2% more of their insurance premiums, received two additional bereavement days for immediate family, received planning time for elementary teachers through the use of specialists, all this in addition to steps, lanes, and a 1.5% one-time bonus.  Davis is still negotiating.

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