Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Missouri NEA

The following if from the Missouri NEA state president regarding the devastation there.

"I want to thank you for your offers of support and condolence on the horrific storm that hit Joplin on Sunday. Not only are MNEA members impacted, but members of Kansas NEA and Oklahoma EA members have been impacted as well, as Joplin is a 'border' town.

"We don't yet know the magnitude of our losses. Schools have been closed for the rest of the year. The high school graduation took place hours before the tornado hit, and it's possible that as many as 25 of the graduates have been lost as they returned home from the graduation ceremonies. We have not yet been able to locate all of our members, as there are still areas where the recovery efforts have not been able to reach. We have two staff members who are working with the Joplin School District in these first days of recovery efforts.

"Some of you have asked again how you might help. Missouri NEA has a HOPE Fund established in 1993 for this type of tragedy.  To learn about our fund or donate visit"

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