Wednesday, May 4, 2011

UEA House of Delegates

The UEA House of Delegates was held last Saturday.  You were well represented by 23 teachers from Jordan District.  Several wording changes were made to the UEA by-laws.  I proposed a by-law change that did not pass, so I attempted to amend the budget to include a Negotiations Contingency Fund to assist local associations in paying for costs associated with a fact finding hearing.  This, too, did not pass.  The major change was to the term of office for the UEA President.  The UEA President will now be elected to a 3-year term with the option to be re-elected once for a total of six years.  This is retroactive, impacting the terms of current UEA President Sharon Gallagher-Fishbaugh and VP Tom Nedreberg.

Please take a few minutes to thank those who spent their Saturday morning representing you at UEA House of Delegates:
  • Kevin Ball, JEA VP, Rosamond
  • Karl McKenzie, JEA Board Special Certification, Riverton High
  • Lauren Flygare, JEA Board Middle School, West Jordan Middle
  • Melissa Brown, JEA Board High School, Riverton High
  • Bev Griffith, JEA Board Elementary, Midas Creek/Eastlake
  • Michelle Jorgensen, Mountain Shadows
  • Nancy Davis, Riverside
  • Vivain Gubler, Rosamond
  • Karen Brown, Bluffdale
  • Glenda Adams, South Jordan Elementary
  • Janell Smith, West Hills
  • Mallory Meyer, Sunset Ridge
  • Marilyn Kurt, Joel P. Jensen
  • Jannifer Young, Elk Ridge
  • Robin Frodge, West Jordan High
  • Debbie Brown, Bingham
  • Adam Sagers, Westland
  • Patti Bartlett, Bingham
  • Sandra Darrington, Herriman Elementary
  • Shelly Lloyd, Westvale
  • Becky Rendell, Westvale
  • Kara Goodwin, Bluffdale

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