Wednesday, May 11, 2011

School Board Meeting

Valley High School teachers, including JEA Members Paul Evans and Lisa Kolstad, who are veterans led the color guard.  They were in uniform and made the presenting of the colors and Pledge of Allegiance extra special last night. 

The budget was discussed in the open study session.  The budget can be balanced using $2 million from Capital Outlay and $5.5 million from the Fund Balance.  The budget presented includes opening the new elementary, bus driver retirement liability, K-3 Reading program match, retirement cost increases, an additional assistant principal at two high schools, five high school counselors, nine middle school counselors, EXPLORE, PLAN, and ACT testing, curriculum department (previously funded by grants which are expiring), and human resources requests.

Shelly Nordick from Rosamond was appointed Grants Management Director in the Curriculum Department to replace Janene Bowen who is retiring.  James Marsh from Oquirrh Hills was appointed assistant principal at South Jordan Middle replacing Shawn McLeod who was named principal.  Brian Larson from Sunset ridge was appointed assistant principal at Oquirrh Hills to replace James Marsh.

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