Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Secondary Common Core Academy

Registration for the Common Core Academy is NOW open to any educator in Utah.
The design of the secondary Common Core Academy can be used across content areas because the standards are mapped backwards from the Career and College Ready Anchor Standards.

You can view the design, resources, and participant expectations at the Common Core Academy website:
Common Core Academy 2011

We have included ALL standards in the Common Core spiral that each participant will receive which includes LITERACY in English, Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects.

As a result of low enrollment in the secondary we are opening it up for any educator who teaches that grade level no matter what subject.

We want to fill each session with 30 educators and do not want to cancel any sessions!!  We will cancel grade level sessions with enrollment less than 12 in grades 6-12.

Please let colleagues know that we are opening registration and anyone can enroll by going to On Track.  Instructions for registering are below.


Beginning May 17, 2011


How do I register?

Registration for the Common Core Academies is available via OnTrack, the USOE’s on-line professional development portal. Everyone with a CACTUS ID number has an account with OnTrack. Just go to
OnTrack website.  Your username is first name.last name (as it appears on your teaching license) and your password is your CACTUS ID number. If you have log-in issues, there are further instructions on the OnTrack homepage.

Once you have logged in, and created your profile, you can search for the Common Core Academy of your choosing. Select the Professional Learning tab, type in “Common” in the course name, and select “Search.” Find the Common Core Academy location of your choice, select “View Sections,” and select the grade level and content area you desire. If the section does not yet have 30 participants, you can register be selecting the “Register” button. If the section has over 30 participants, you can add yourself to the wait list, or select a different location and section.

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